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  • wireless vibration sensor KI-A031D

    Brief introduction This kind of wireless vibration sensor is high degree ofsensitivity ,andyou can install it on your window or somewhere you need.Once triggered,it willimmediately send wireless signal to thealarm host of your wirelessGSM/W...

  • wireless remote control KI-M113

    Details: Working voltage: 12 V. Use alkaline battery, it can last 6~12 month. Wireless frequency : 433MHz Transmitting distance : 150m, indoor :30~50m Metal case protection...

  • rolling door sensor KI-A021D

    Description: 1.Shutter triggered motivation: 1.5cm 2. Dry battery model NO.: 23A. 12V 3.Working condition: Indoor, temperature 10 oC~-50oC relative humidity 95% 4. Power consumption: Standby 0.01 W, alarm 0.09 W 5.Install on the rolling...

  • KI-A022C

    Description: 1.Adopts MCU Auto-Processing Technology 2.Hush Button 3.Malfunction Auto-Check 4.Dust-proof, Moth-proof, Anti White Light 5.Auto Reset After Trigger 6.Infrared Photoelectronic Sensor 7.Sound Flash Alarm / LED Indicating 8.SMT M...