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wireless strobe siren

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wireless outdoor strobe siren KI-D016
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Brief Introduction

The wireless electronic burglar alarm, using the most advanced Israel digital security technology with good reliability and low false alarm rate.

It can receive wireless signal of wireless detectors,and once the detector is triggered, it will give off strobe flash light with high siren volume at the same time to scare away the intruders

Function Introduction

1.20 wireless defense zones

2.At most 5 wireless remote controller codes

3.Wireless or Wired style change

4.Tamper alarm

5.Alarm with both voice prompts and quick flash strobe

6.Wireless learning code :adding new accessories ,convenient ,safe and efficient

7.One-key-control function:Remote our Arm ,remote home arm,remote emergency alarm ,remote control      fast disarm .

8.Built-in AAANI-MH rechargeable battery:make alarm when power off.

9. One wireless outdoor siren can connect to 10 wireless alarm host at most

10.Comply with CCC safety standard and GB12663-2001 national standard

Technical parameter
  • Power supply:DC12V 500mA
  • Standby power consumption: ≤ 7mA
  • Alarm curent :  ≤ 230mA
  • Wireless frequency:433MHZ
  • Encoded mode:SC 1527IC/3.3M
  • Backup battery:AAA7.2
  • Humidity:40%-80%RH
How to connect with alarm system

1,Connect power supply firstly,press red studying button and you will notice the alarming lights on. Then press the “ ”from LCD alarm host,and then disarm by LCD alarm host, you would notice the alarming lights sparkle for 5 times then go off,it means successfully in learning.

2,If you want to delete sensor,the step is as follows: Press the red studying button for 10 seconds, you will notice the alarming lights would be on once then go off immediately, it means successfully in delete.(Notes: This step will delete all which connected to alarm host)

3,When alarm host alarming, the wireless siren will automatically loudly alarming up to 3 minutes, if you hope it stop alarming, you can make disarming from wireless alarm host.

4,If back up battery’s voltage under 5VDC,the charging power light would be on, and it will being to charge battery automatically for about 20 hours, it means finished charging power if this charging power light go off.

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