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wireless pir infrared sensor

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wireless ceiling infrared sensor KI-A006
Category : aluminium alloy handle
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Brief Introduction
Adopting advanced digital signal processing technology, compounding of high precision passive infrared detector and logical digital circuit design,  intelligent power save, auto- temperature compensation and so on.
Nice looking, Reliable and fine quality.
Easy to install, absolutely wireless, power supply built-in, wireless telegraph transmitting signal.
How does it work?It emits wireless digital signal to start the control panel for alarm through detecting human being body infrared heat.

Technical Parameter
Power supply: 6F22 (normal dry battery) ,9VDC (life of battery more than one year)
Working current: 12 mA  Static < 50µA 
Wireless frequency:433MHz 1527code
Transmitting distance :<180 m (open area without interfere) ,indoor: 30~80m.
Respond time choice: one is 6 seconds(default), the other is 60 seconds.
Detecting distance:5m* 60 degrees
Detecting range: high 2.4m from ground; Covered diameter:7.3    
related humidity ≤ 9

It is used for indoor,not for outdoor,and install on the ceiling roof.
Do not face the detector to any area where window, lamp-house,heat thing and so on.
When installing, do not drop down or hit the detector so to avoid effecting the internal infrared sensor.
Do not touch the sensor lens so to avoid effecting the detecting distance and sensitivity.
After installation,have termly walk test
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