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wireless pir infrared sensor

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wireless anti-pet infrared sensor KI-PET004
Category : aluminium alloy handle
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Brief Introduction
Pet immune PIR motion detector is designed with high technology.It features high anti-magnetism, anti-light, pet friendly,low power alert, temper switch, auto-temperature compensation and lowest power consumption. Widely used for window, veranda, aisle and so on.
Main function 
1.Super micro power consumption design
2.2 grade detection sensitivities for option
3.Digital pet immunity design up to 20kg(when used with SUNLIT'S pet immunity lens)
4.Bi-direction temperature compensation technology
5.High capacity battery
6.EDS/anti electric shock/anti mobile phone interference
7.Anti white light
8.With 18 Fresnel lenses 
9.Well sealed optical parts
10.Installation to corner,wall multi-direction brackets ,outdoor yard
Technical Parameter
Current :12mA(stand by), 15mA (in alarm ) factory battery can support more than 24 mouth
Installation height :1.5M-2.4M
Detection range :12m*12m*100angle
Alarm output period :2s
Sensitivity: 2/3 pulses for option
Anti EMI:0.1-500Mhz/30v/m
Anti white light :>10000LUX
Wireless frequency:433MHz
Alarm output :EV1527
Alarm period:4minutes (In USE mode)
Wireless TX distance :>200m in open are
Operation humidity:95% (relatively )
Detection speed :0.2m/s-3.5m/s
Fireproof protection:ABS material
Pet immunity:20Kg



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