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wireless gas detector

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wireless network gas leak detector KI-A099C
Category : aluminium alloy handle
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Brief introduction

The gas leakage alarm is suitable for the place where coal gas/natural gas/liquid petroleum gas exists.This product has the characteristic of  high sensitivity , high stability, multi-gas detectable, small cubage, easy to install and can use backup battery.


  • Alarm density reachesCoal gas: 2000ppm+/- 30%, natural gas: 2000ppm+/-30%, Liquid petroleum gas: 5000ppm+/-30%
  • Working mode: independent & compatible mode
  • Siren:>90db
  • Strict method with good quality
Technical parameter
  • Working voltage: AC220V
  • Power consumption: static≤10 mA  alarm≤15 mA
  • Alarm Range: natural gas  3%~15%LEL
  • Response time: <30s
  • Alarm sound: >75Db(right ahead 1m)
  • Installation style: wall mounted
  • Gas sensor: life span 3 years
  • Humidity Range: 10%~95% RH
  • Air pressure: 86~106Kpa
  • Emission frequency:433 MHZ
  • Oscillation resistance:330k
  • Code form:1527
  • Emission distance: ≥100m (in open air)
  • Backup battery: 9V alkaline
  • Coding way: button alarm coding(After self-testing, press the button to emit 433MHZ signal)

How does it work?

1.When the flammable gas density reaches to response setting value of density in its surrounding environment, the alarm can give out alarm signal of sound, light and networking.

2.In the alarm state, the ambient concentration of combustible gas down to the rated value, the alarm can be automatically restored to normal monitoring state.

3.It has red, yellow, green three state indicator lights and one built-in buzzer, show the following three kinds of states separately:

  • Green indicator lights up, the power supply operates normally, and in the state of monitoring;  
  • Yellow indicator lights up with the sound of the buzzer, alarm faults(mainly on sensor);
  • Red indicator lights up, with the buzzer noise and networking output, indicate the alarm is in alarm state.
  • Green indicator turn off, yellow indicator flash one time every 30 seconds, means 220VAC power off and using 9V backup battery(when battery voltage lower than 8.2V it will alarm, yellow indicator flash and buzzer sound)



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