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GSM+PSTN alarm system

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GSM+PSTN alarm system KI-PG40W-U2
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Special feature:
Smart zone : It is used to show which door/window open on the LCD display directly when user arm the system
Timely arm/disarm: System will be armed/disarmed on regulated date or time automatically. Go into the menu "TIMELY ARM&DISARM', user can set the fixed time for away arm,home arm and disarm directly 
Inquiry alarm host status via SMS: Edit SMS message:"Password+C", and send it to the sim card in the host, the host will send SMS “ ARM OK” or “ DISARM OK” response to user.
Zone name: The zone name can be edited by user freely by send SMS, “ password+#+zone number+ zone name +*+#” 
Main features:
1)Touch keypad on the panel, biger color LCD display to show SETUP menu. Built-in GSM antenna inside of the panel
2)System can provide menu with multi-language, like polski,Cestina, Spanish,which are customized by clients
3)GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ network, work via both PSTN and GSM dual networks.Priority in using PSTN,and if it dose not work,it will switch to GSM automatically.
4)Support 29 wireless zones+ 4 wired zones
5)Preset freely 5 phone numbers as call or SMS alarm number into the system
Preset 1 extra phone alarm number for CID central monitor station
Preset 1 extra SMS alarm number to receive alarm information like AC power failure, host/sensor LOW-VOLTAGE, PSTN ANTI-CUT, ARM/DISARM real-time status etc.
6)User can record 10s’ alarm voice message into the system
7)Be compatible to Contact ID protocol central monitor station(CMS)
8)System can be added more accessories,like wireless strobe siren, wireless keypad, wireless doorbell button, wireless video camera as per customized requirement.
9) Home automation: support wireless relay to control max 8CH home appliance by SMS remotely
The pannel and all sensors are with built-in antenna, more powerful function and popular looking



PSTN & GSM dual networks——double security



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Bigger color LCD display  to show SETUP menu.


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