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APP RFID GSM alarm system

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GSM RFID alarm system A9
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1. Smart touch keypad with yellow LCD display
2. Quad-band GSM communication, works with SIM card 
3. Preset 5 group of CALL/SMS alarm numbers  
4. Transmit ON/ OFF  relay signal to control max 8 ch of home electrical appliance via app
5. Remote two-way intercom
6. Hybrid alarm, 30 wireless zones, 4 hardwired zones
7. Advanced zone attribute, user-friendly zone names
8. 12v output and relay signal output
9. Support wireless LCD/LED keypad and wireless siren
10. Support user code and installer code
11. can control ON/ OFF of 8 units of home electrical appliance via app
12.Backup rechargeable battery, last more than 24 hours
13.RFID function

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Easy install with APP
Built-in GSM communicator, support remotely SMS control, easy to install . Offering free iPhone/iPad and Android APP, control and configure the system in anywhere with your smart phone.
Monitoring your home or business without your smart phone in anywhere
Step 1. Install alarm system
Find the proper place to install detectors and base unit: You can install the door sensor on the door/window, install PIR momtion sensor on the wall and install the base unit on a Hidden places.
Step 2. Alarm Triggered
The alarm base unit will be triggered by door sensor, PIR motion sensor, emergency SOS alarm and other detectors. If thief want to break your door/window to get in your house, the door sensor and pir motion sensor will trigger the base unit.
Step 3. Taking Action
When the alarm is triggered at your home, the siren immediately sound to alert the thief, the base unit will call your preset alarm phone number and also send SMS to tell you which detector is triggered.



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