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Alarm System

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  • KI-A021

    1.Shutter triggered motivation: 1.5cm 2. Dry battery model NO.: 23A. 12V 3.Working condition: Indoor, temperature 10 oC~-50oC relative humidity 95% 4. Power consumption: Standby 0.01 W, alarm 0.09 W...

  • KI-PG40W-U2 alarm system

    Touch keypad; Big LCD displays.GSM+PSTN dual network.30 wireless zones + 4 wired zones.Alarm Inform Mode: PSTN Call, GSM Call, GSM SMS.Alarm SMS include alarm zone and sensors name Work with Contact ID protocol.Support wireless ding-dong doorbell func...

  • U8 WIFI+GSM+GPRS alarm system

    Android IOS application free download. Supports ABC latin input. IP camera integrated. 20 CH home appliance remote control. Admin and user password with different authority. GPRS network back up when WIFI is failed. 2 way communication between applica...

  • KI-M113

    1.Use alkaline battery, it can last 6~12 month. 2.Wireless frequency :433MHz OR:315MHz 3.Working voltage: 12 V. Transmitting distance : 150m, indoor :30~50m 4.Metal case protection....